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Written for [community profile] musing_way's "Jello" prompt.

Title: Into the Mix
Word Count: 582
Disclaimer: The Dresden Files do not belong to me. Just passing through.

“Hmmm,” said Bob, his expression thoughtful as he perused the array of ingredients. “I am not familiar with this particular potion. Is it from the grimoire of Apollonius of Tyana?”

“Who,” replied Harry as he carefully poured a fine, whitish powder from a small orange box into a beaker.

“Apollonius. Of Tyana.” Bob scowled. “Surely you have not forgotten one of the greatest sorcerers of antiquity? Or are you one of those who insist that he was little more than a gifted orator and—”

“Not ‘who’ the question,” Harry interrupted as he set the beaker aside. “Doctor Who.”

“Hardly an auspicious name for a sorcerer.”

“Neither is Harry,” snorted that worthy as he set a Bunsen burner under a small copper cauldron.

“Mr. Houdini might beg to differ,” countered Bob as he strode over to inspect the vessel’s contents. “So. This Doctor—”

“It’s a tv show.”

“Not a sorcerer?”


“I see,” said Bob, who clearly didn’t. Instead, he returned to what he did know; spell components. The ghost considered the small yellow kitchen sponge resting in a shallow dish of water as it gradually increased in size. “You are attempting a transformation spell. Something to increase size?”

“Something like that.”

“Why devise a potion? I understand that modern science has developed medications to assist with that particular issue.”

“Not funny, Bob.”

“Neither was your last attempt to court a wench.”

Harry shot his mentor a mock glare before returning to the task at hand. He dumped the sponge, dish water and all, into the cauldron and followed it with a cheap, accordion-folded road map. Both were swallowed by the base liquid, which began to glow a pale blue.

“In all seriousness,” said Bob as he watched the proceedings, “What do you hope to achieve?”

“It’s a spell to make something bigger on the inside than on the outside.”

“Ahhhhh. No offense, Harry, but I hope this spell is more successful than your portable hole.”

Harry groaned. “Don’t remind me!”

“Did you ever determine if it had a bottom?”

“No, and I didn’t keep it around to find out.” Harry sighed. “Butters hasn’t forgiven me for losing his accordion in the damned thing.” He slowly poured the fine white powder into the mix, stirring it with his wand. “That’s why I’m trying this instead. I’m going to create the space first, then make it just a little bit bigger on the inside.”

“Transcendental spells are extremely risky,” Bob warned.

“Sure, but it will be worth it if it works,” said Harry, then quickly amended, “When it works.”

“Confidence is a key ingredient in any spell, as long as it doesn’t cross the line into arrogance.” Bob was singularly well acquainted with that particular fine line. “I understand the purpose of the sponge and the atlas, but I am unfamiliar with this.” He nodded to indicate the beaker. “What powder was—”

The cauldron suddenly burped, sending up a fragrant orange cloud. As soon as it cleared, Harry and Bob both bent to look inside. The vessel was filling with a glowing gelatinous mass.

“What in the name of Herne is that?”

“Orangello,” said Harry with a grin.

“In the King’s English, please.”

“Orange jell-o.”

“Jell-o? The dessert food you craved so much as a child?”

“That’s the one. It’s the taste component.”

“How does that translate into a spell intended to create something bigger on the inside than out?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Harry laughed. “Because there’s always room for jell-o!”


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