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Very well. If you insist.

1. I am dead. A shade of my former self, if you will.

2. I am damned. Cursed to spend eternity bound to my own skull and to serve whoever holds it within their possession. Forever separated from my heart and the other half of my soul; my beloved Winifred.

3. I am not a genii or a spirit of air. I am a sorcerer. Death may have limited my abilities but it has not changed who and what I am.

4. My name is not "Bob." It is Hrothbert. Harry Dresden insisted on corrupting this derivative of "Robert" into the more familiar (and easily pronounced) "Bob" when he was first given under my tutelage as a child. Admittedly, I do not mind its use quite as much as once I did.

5. I am over 800 years old, by the Cesarean calendar. The year of my birth (and murder) is debatable.

6. I have served many masters since my damnation, most of them members of the Wizards White Council. Villains all! There is not a one among them who has not stepped over the boundaries from White to Gray – and some further still, in to the all-consuming Black. I know from personal experience that they bend and change the Laws of Magic to suit their purpose when they so choose.

7. I have served Harry Dresden since he was a boy of eleven, even though the artifact to which I am bound was in the possession of his Uncle. There are ways to interpret orders and demands, literally or no, when the need arises. My soul may be enslaved but my wits remain sharp. I did not achieve my level of power in life without some cunning, after all.

8. I do not suffer fools gladly.

9. I am unable to interact with other shades of the departed. I am alone in my own personal hell. (Winifred, dearest Winifred! I cling to your memory and all that we shared, and despair to know that we shall never again be united.)

10. There are only two people that I have ever loved with all of my heart and my soul. Harry, whether he realizes it or no, has become as a son to me. He was an orphaned boy when first his Uncle brought him under his wing, determined to mold him into a Dark sorcerer and ally. Harry has a natural gift for Magic, you see. With it he could achieve great Good or create complete Disaster. His intentions are noble but is he strong enough to resist the Black's sirens song? In this I have become more than a magical servant, assisting in lore and spells; I am his conscience and counselor. And I swear by the gods and all that I hold dear, if it is within my power, Harry will never make the same terrible mistakes that I made (and so lose all).

Muse: Hrothbert
Fandom: The Dresden Files (TV-verse)
Special Prompt: 10 Things
Words: 499
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just passing through.


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