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"Yes, Harry?"

"Are there monsters under the bed?"

The ghost turned from the lesson board to regard his student. "Any bed in particular?"

"Um, not really. No." The boy glanced toward the study door. There was no sign of his Uncle Justin or any of the estate staff in the hallway beyond. "And closets," he quickly added. "Are there monsters in closets?"

"Have you heard or experienced something within your room to make you believe there is something lurking there?"

"No, but … it feels strange sometimes."

"Define 'strange,' please."

Harry thought about that for a moment. It was hard to find the words to describe what he'd experienced. "It's kind of a pressing feeling. Like the air is suddenly too heavy and trying to fall down."

"When do you experience this oppressive feeling?"

"When I'm lying in bed, just after I turn off the lights." He blushed a bit, clearly embarrassed. "And I'm not a baby, so don't say that I'm imagining it because I'm not."

"I intended to utter no such accusation," Bob assured him. "Nor do I believe you are being childish. There are indeed monsters that are known to lurk under beds or within closets. They are the stuff of nightmares, given shape and form by the strength of those that lie awake in the dark." He lifted a pale finger and tapped his temple. "The power of the mind can open doorways, Harry, especially if that mind belongs to a fledgling wizard. However, not every door opened will be a pleasant one, hence our lessons to teach you how to shield your power and protect yourself."

"So, you’re saying…" Harry gulped a little. "There is a monster under my bed?"

"I sincerely doubt it. Your Uncle has warded this manor exceedingly well. There are few creatures, living or dead, who could enter it without his forbearance."

As far as Bob was concerned, the only monster in the Morningway Estate was Justin Morningway himself, but that was a personal opinion better kept to himself.

"And if there were a monster foolish enough to covet the dark spaces beneath your bed, it would quickly flee to the Nevernever after one look at the deplorable state of your room. Their sense of smell is notoriously acute. I doubt it could exist in the same space as your soiled athletic wear."

Word Count: 393
Note:Written for [community profile] musing_way
Disclaimer: The Dresden Files do not belong to me. Just passing through.


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