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1. In life, he was Hrothbert of Bainbridge, Leyburn, England. It was a young thirteen year old wizard by the name of Harry Dresden who first called him "Bob." (Hrothbert is the medieval form of Robert.)

2. Bob is a bit of a peacock in his fashion sense. He is always nattily attired.

3. Bob is a hopeless romantic who loves romance novels and cries at chick flicks.

4. After centuries of serving masters with less than altruistic tendencies, Bob rather likes being one of the good guys for a change.

5. It bothers Bob that he cannot effect the physical world around him, especially when it prevents him from protecting Harry.

6. Bob was once a powerful sorcerer. So powerful, in fact, that various members of the High Council were jealous of his abilities.

7. Bob loved the sorceress Winifred. Contrary to what the history books (and Justin Morningway) would have others believe, their story was not one of lust and power. It was one of love and loss. Bob loved Winifred with all of his heart and soul. He loves her still.

8. When Winifred was murdered, Bob could not bear to live without her. Although he resorted to the Black to resurrect his beloved, he is not inherently evil.

9. Afraid that Bob would place a death curse upon them, the Council ordered him killed by a single axe blow to the back of the head before he reached the place of execution.

10. Although the texts bear certain discrepancies about his age, Bob has been a ghost for approximately 800 years.

11. Bob's soul is cursed to be bound to his mortal skull for all eternity. He wears manacles on both wrists, literally binding him to that sentence. He cannot venture further than a few yards from the skull.

12. Although a ghost, Bob has a few tricks up his impeccably tailored sleeve. He can inscribe lettering upon the air and has the ability to transmute his form into the original image of any biological material he touches, no matter how miniscule. He can also sense magical presences.

13. Bob is a veritable walking library of arcane knowledge, both historical and magical. His knowledge of potions making is unrivaled.

14. Justin Morningway owned a copy of one of Bob's first grimoires. After Morningway's death, Harry burned the book because there was some "pretty nasty stuff" inside.

15. Bob did not know that Justin Morningway murdered Harry's father, Malcolm, until well after the fact.

16. Bob has no hope of ever being free of his curse, believing himself dead and damned for all eternity. By mentoring Harry, he hopes to prevent the younger wizard from making the same mistakes that he made in life.

17. Bob will never, ever betray Harry, even at the risk of his own destruction.

18. Bob must obey and answer to the master of the skull, but has managed to "interpret" certain orders to suit his own purpose. When Justin Morningway ordered him to teach Harry the darker arts, Bob did as he was told. He taught Harry about Black magic—and how to defend himself against it.

19. Bob does not suffer fools gladly. Unless it's one of his masters; then he has no choice in the matter.

20. Although he will probably never admit it, Bob loves Harry like a son.
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