Apr. 25th, 2011

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A hundred years after I was dead and damned by the Council for my transgressions, I had every belief that I would break the curse that bound me.

Three hundred years after my death, I was still cursed but not yet ready to concede that this would be my fate for all eternity. I rebelled in little ways against the masters that held sway over the artifact to which I was bound. Sometimes successfully. Often times not. But never once did I come close to tricking or goading those wizards or their minions into releasing me from this cruel twist of fate.

Five hundred years into my enslavement I still thought release possible although my efforts to gain my release began to wane in the face of so many failures.

As the advent of the ninth century approaches, I remain now as I ever have been; chained and bound, but remain unbowed. I will never resign myself to this fate – never! -- for it would mean forever being parted from my beloved. My heart. My Winifred.

Fandom: The Dresden Files (TV-verse)
Muse: Hrothbert (aka Bob the Skull)
Prompt: 100 – Centennial
Word Count: 176
Disclaimer: The Dresden Files do not belong to me. Just passing through.


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